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Do you need help with your Chromebook?
Do you need help with your Chromebook?

If you are having trouble with your Chromebook please either call Mrs. Hakes for help at (760)751-5540 OR come to the VCHS office to exchange your Chromebook for a new one.  IMPORTANT: When exchanging your Chromebook please attach a note with a specific explanation of what is wrong with it.  Additionally, bring your charger just in case we need to give you a different model Chromebook with a different charger.

***You are responsible for your Chromebook!***

Any damage/loss to your Chromebook will be charged to your account.

To avoid expensive repair costs please:

  • Keep the CASE on at all times
  • Keep it DRY (avoid any liquids)
  • Keep it CLEAN (avoid dirt & crumbs,NO STICKERS, or writing of any kind)
  • Be GENTLE (they are breakable!)


The fines related to Chromebooks reflect the cost to replace or repair. The fines are subject to increase or decrease based on the actual costs.

Can I purchase Insurance?
Insurance Picture
Students can purchase Insurance for their Chromebook at any time

You can purchase insurance either online at:


Go to your student's school site to fill out a Chromebook Insurance Agreement and pay $25 (cash or checks accepted).  The insurance covers damage/loss for the current school year and device only and must be renewed each school year or when a new Chromebook is issued.

IMPORTANT: If the student exchanges a broken device that has been insured for a new Chromebook, the insurance is then utilized and a new policy must be purchased to insure the replacement device.



Can I check to see if I have insurance?
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How to check your Destiny AcCount
  • Select>Valley Center High School then click on>Log In
  • Select>Sign in with Google
  • Click on>My Info
  • Insurance Policies will show in the Resources section