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New Student Orientation

VCHS 9-Time / Freshman Support Program

The purpose of 9-Time is to help incoming freshmen make a smooth transition into their new Valley Center High School environment. About once a month during PE, all freshmen join me for a 9-Time activity session which lasts about half an hour. Using John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success as a model for lessons, freshmen participate in activities based on those building blocks of success. In the 9-Time activity sessions, staff members volunteer to come in and tell a personal anecdote or mini-speech about the building block of focus.

Each freshman is assigned a staff-recommended junior or senior to act as a mentor for the school year.  
The student mentors then lead fun activities to reinforce the concept of that building block. All the activities are designed to help freshmen find success in all aspects of their lives.

The 9-Time program with its guiding mentors, inspirational staff anecdotes, and character-building activities is aimed at helping develop an overall positive experience for the freshmen here at VCHS.

9 Time Flyer


Click here or the image below to watch a short video introducing our 9-Time program and sharing some experiences from past students.

New Student Orientation

Welcome to the VCHS 9th Grade and New Student Orientation.  Below are a series of videos that will help you get to know Valley Center High School and take your first steps as a VCHS Jaguar!

1. Welcome to VCHS!

2. Principals Welcome to VCHS - Mr. Hailwood

3. VCHS Virtual Campus Tour

4. VCHS Clubs

5. VCHS Spotlight on Classes

6. VCHS In high school I learned...

7. Take a look at the VCHS New Student Information Packet to get some more information that will help you and your parents get started with this new school year.

8. Congratulations! You have completed the orientation and are now an official VCHS Jaguar! Between now and the first day of school on Tuesday, August 25th, you will be receiving information through your school email address.  If you are an incoming 9th grade student this is the same as the one you used in middle school.  If you are new to our district, please contact us at (760) 751- 5500.  Once you have checked your email,  Click here to fill out a short New Student Survey.  Answer each question and you will be entered into a drawing for an In-N-Out gift card.